UK Fatal Injury Solicitor – Accident Compensation Claim

Specialist wrongful death lawyers in UK are usually involved in claiming compensation as a result of a fatality caused by the misconduct of another person or a company ranging from an act of negligence or carelessness to an intentional criminal act and may include:

medical malpractice

accidents at work

car and plane accidents

liability for defective premises

swimming, boating, scuba diving, jet skiing

sports related accidents

A wrongful death compensation claim can be a complex and difficult matter that needs attention from experienced lawyers in order to maximize compensation for financial loss and pain and suffering. It is essential to instruct a fatal injury solicitor experienced in handling these types of cases who has the experience to lead the investigation into the cause of death to ensure maximum damage recovery. There are many other complications including statute of limitation matters and it is essential that an experienced solicitor is contacted as soon as possible.

An accidental fatality is a catastrophic event that alters the lives of the victims’ families forever. A fatal injury solicitor with a track record of successful judgments and settlements will ensure that you get a fair deal. Your lawyer will usually deal with your claim using a contingency fee arrangement (no win no fee) and if you don’t succeed in receiving a settlement then your solicitor won’t get paid.

A wrongful death lawsuit is made against an individual or company that, in whole or in part, by their conduct, caused the death of a loved one or family member. The people who are entitled to claim compensation are detailed in law and it is common for the list to include the spouse (or civil partner) and minor children of an accident victim and those eligible to claim also include elder children, the parents of a minor child, grandparents, legal dependents and certain members of the extended family.


This type of lawsuit is different to other types of claim as there are two constituent parts to the claim. The first is the victim’s own claim. This includes compensation for the physical and emotional pain, incapacity and distress that the victim suffered. This claim also includes damages for the victim’s financial losses between the date of injury and the date of his or her death, together with the funeral expenses. The second part of the claim is that brought by the dependents of the victim for the loss of financial support. Whilst the law in most States operates under similar general principles, there are subtle differences upon which it will be necessary for you to take detailed advice from your attorney. The losses or damages that can be claimed may include;

medical and funeral expenses associated with the death

damages for pain and suffering to the deceased

loss of future earnings until anticipated time of retirement or death

loss of future prospective inheritance

loss of benefits including pension and medical insurance

loss of care, protection, companionship to the survivors

pain and suffering and mental anguish caused to the survivors

punitive damages

The calculation of compensation in wrongful death claims is complex and a fatal injury solicitor has substantial experience in preparing schedules of loss however they also call upon the services of experienced forensic accountants who use their knowledge and expertise to identify the contentious issues to prepare reasoned reports to assist in bringing and substantiating a claim.