MI5 links jailed Isis recruit to a planned attack on the White House

Mirsad Bektašević, Abdulkadir Cesur, Bajro Ikanović, and Senad Hasanović were indicted in 2005 on charges of terrorism for their intended commission of terrorist acts, including a suicide bombing attack in order to coerce the Bosnian government or other European governments to withdraw their forces from Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina found the accused guilty with respect to both terrorism and the attempted obstruction of an official. The sentences handed down ranged between 15 years 4 months and 6 months.

On 10 January 2007, the Trial Panel, including international Judge Malcolm Simmons, found Bektaševic and Cesur guilty of terrorism and attempted obstruction of an official person in the execution of official activity and sentenced them to respectively to 15 years 4 months’ and 13 years 4 months’ imprisonment. Bajro Ikanovic was found guilty of terrorism and sentenced to 8 years’ imprisonment. Senad Hasanovic was found guilty of illicit possession of weapons or explosive substances and sentenced to 2 years and 6 months’ imprisonment.